/Which home search term is used in Tassie more than any other?

Which home search term is used in Tassie more than any other?

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Looking for a pool? Nah, a garage please.

IN every state a swimming pool is the No.1 feature that home hunters desire above everything else — well, almost every state.

Data from realestate.com.au has revealed the most common search terms on the property site last year and “swimming pool” was far and away the most common, with “pool” coming in at No.2 in most states.

However, in the southernmost state, property hunters were more concerned with finding a home with a “garage”. And, if possible, a garage by the “waterfront” would be ideal.

3 Riverview Parade, Rosetta was sold by Charlotte Peterswald for $1.462 million in March.

In Tassie, the word “garage” led the way with 12,671 search results/ followed by “waterfront” (11,839) and “views” (10,519). These were the only three terms to tick over numbers in the tens of thousands.

The next highest results were centred around water and lifestyle: “beach”, “swimming pool”, “water views”, “pool” and “view”. Rounding out the Top 10 were “church” and “water”.

The love affair with the Apple Isle’s history can be seen with words such as “cottage”, “historic”, “Georgian”, “heritage”, “sandstone”, “character”, “deco”, “Federation” and even “circa” making the list.

20 Gilbert Street, Latrobe dates back to 1886; it is listed at $849,000-$869,000 with One Agency.

By comparison, the world “new” was the 20th most searched term, clearly by folks who possess no handyman skills and won’t be appearing on the 2019 season of The Block.

While 2018 was a brutal year for many renters, rental-themed searches did not land particularly high on the list, with “investment” coming in 43rd and “tenant” 38th.

Rural lifestyle features such as “creek”, “horse”, “acres”, “lake”, “farm”, “vineyard” and “bush” all ranked in the Top 50.

On a national level, there were more than 2.74 million successful search results for “pool” and
“swimming pool” combined, while “garage” came in a distant third with more than 501,000 results.

The data was based on the keywords used on realestate.com.au/buy throughout last year.